Who Uses Your Service?

In case you're wondering if grocery delivery might work well for you on your next trip to Maui take a look at who are most common customers are:

LATE ARRIVING TRAVELERS - When Costco was built in Maui over 20 years ago, it became a rite of passage for vacationers to head straight there from the airport to stock up before driving to their resorts. Costco's in Maui have also been tied to the tagline of "busiest in the world" and with close to mainland prices it's not without good reason. However, with the store closing at 8pm, late arriving travelers are unable to make the standard "Costco run."

FAMILIES WITH SMALL CHILDREN - This one is pretty much a given. As much as mindlessly wondering around a grocery store can appeal to some mothers as a way to "get out of the house." Very few have this in mind on their vacation. Whether it's a simple grocery list, diapers, beach toys, or adult beverages to help you unwind, many parents prefer to spend their time with the kids at the beach and not the store.

SPECIALTY DIETS- To be honest, organic, gluten-free, and vegan diets are more common than not these days. Unfortunately, Maui's grocery stores do not offer a large selection of these items. Sure, Whole Foods and Safeway both have a decent selection, but if you're counting on the stores in Kihei or Lahaina to have what you're looking for then you might be left disappointed. Not only is it difficult to find these items, but if you're unfamiliar with what items are where, it can be very frustrating to locate.

WAILEA/MAKENA AND KA'ANAPALI/KAPALUA GUESTS - This is the characteristic the majority of our customers are most likely to share. Now it may not be much of a coincidence since the vast majority of guests on Maui stay in these locations, however, we find that those staying 30 minutes or more from Kahului often decide it's not worth half a day of vacation to look for grocery items. Now, it's not to be said that you can't get a few things at stores around your area, we shop there also. BUT, if you want items from Costco, have children to mobilize, or need specific dietary items you are looking at a 1-2 hour roundtrip car ride to Kahului/Wailuku plus shopping time. For those on Maui for a week or less, why waste half a day doing something that we can do for you.

If you identify with any of the above reasons, look to place your order at and let us serve you and your ohana!

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